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Venice Marco Polo Airport

Displaying the exact time to complete arrival and departure information


To provide travelers with the exact time as well as information regarding arrivals and departures of trains, and doing so by placing all of this information side-by-side to be more easily consulted by the end-users


The clocks within the airport facility are synchronized using the NTP protocol and can provide the central system with information regarding their working state. Synchronization occurs automatically thanks to a Master Clock, and therefore no other actions need to be taken on the single clocks to verify their working condition and state of synchronization.

The clocks, which are often integrated within the arrival and departure information panels, are extremely reliable and ensure excellent legibility even in harsh environmental conditions.

  • Time precision and consistency
  • Synchronization of all clocks regardless of the technology used for the display
  • Extremely adaptable to any type of decor and environment
  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Complete information
Case Study Venice Marco Polo Airport

While building the new Venice (Marco Polo) airport, which is developed on three floors and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, particular attention was given to devices used for providing information to travelers moving through the facility.


If on one hand much care was taken in terms of aesthetic design for the creation of the summary display of arrivals and departures, without a doubt one of its kind, on the other hand the time information issue was also analyzed accurately.

This has brought to the installation of LED clocks in various areas of the airport, both integrated within summary panels as well as along corridors and boarding areas.


In this way, those who access the airport facility immediately find the answers to their information needs since they are able to instantly check for information regarding the flight of interest as well as the current time.

Furthermore, the latter is presented with an excellent level of legibility even in non-optimal brightness conditions thanks to its LED technology.


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