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UBI Banca

Time in the various branches of a bank


To ensure a perfect reading of the date and time while perfectly integrating the clock within the environment in which it is installed


The CDL C60 NTP date clock, as with all of Solari’s digital clocks, comes equipped with the NTP protocol and can be installed within a network of devices connected by Ethernet. This allows for synchronizing via NTP as well as for modifying settings and the configuration using a graphical interface accessed by means of a common web browser. These features can be applied to the single clock within a branch as well as to a network of clocks across the country (LAN and WAN) controlled by single Master Clock, which is synchronized using a GPS antenna.

As with all Solari’s digital clocks, the CDL C60 can be controlled by the MCK, but also be used in “independent” mode, since it is equipped with a quality quartz, capable of guaranteeing excellent precision.

Furthermore, since the display alternates between the date and time, information can be shown with absolute clarity, regardless of the small area and few characters.

  • Precise time synchronization
  • Consistency of information in all branches
  • Low installation costs (PoE)
  • Excellent legibility of information
Case Study UBI Banca

UBI Banca is the fifth largest banking group in Italy in terms of branches, with a market share of more than 5% and with a significant presence in the regions with the greatest potential. UBI Banca is a cooperative group traded on the Milan Stock Exchange and included in the FTSE MIB Index.


This banking company has asked Solari di Udine a to complete the decor of their branches with clocks that may be suitable to their style.


The choice is fallen on the CDL clock, specifically the C60 NTP version, with which customers are provided with precise and clear information regarding the time and date using a small amount of space, while still being perfectly integrated within the banking environment.

Furthermore, when the clock is connected to an Ethernet network, it can be synchronized by means of a reference device, typically a master clock, along with all the other clocks connected to it, therefore guaranteeing that all system clocks have the same exact time.


The CDL NTP product line is particularly complete: it consists of both standard clocks and date clocks, with characters that are 16mm or 100 mm high, as well as a square version in which the day of the week and month are indicated with letters. The latter version has characters with a height of 80 mm.


Naturally, all versions are equipped with the NTP protocol for synchronization purposes, PoE power supply, web service (graphical interface) for setting the various viewing modes and configuration.

By using the NTP protocol, companies structured with numerous branches can synchronize all clocks by LAN and make them refer to a single master clock, which is in turn synchronized by GPS. Synchronization can be extended easily to all other devices connected to the Ethernet network if they are compatible with the NTP protocol (PC, modern printers, money counting devices, etc.).


PoE (Power over Ethernet) makes it possible to “remotely” power a device using a low voltage (48V) directly from a network switch equipped with a PoE port, and therefore avoid the need to connect to the electrical power grid (230VAc) where the clock is installed. This allows for considerable savings both in terms of time and money since it is probable that an access point to an ethernet network is already close by, avoiding the need to lay down a new 230VAc line and certify it.


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