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solari lineadesign
"Noi fabbrichiamo orologi. Diversi dagli altri."

solari lineadesign

Why choose solari lineadesign?


solari lineadesign is a new brand which encompasses Solari's creativity, brilliance and experience, and will re-launch the products that have made the history of the company and of industrial design: clocks artfully constructed with a technology which - in a world where everything changes quickly - has been perfect and unchanged for over 50 years. The solari lineadesign project will start with the Cifra 3, the iconic clock designed by Gino Valle at the end of the sixties and characterized by the flap system created by Remigio Solari; and with the Dator 60, the wall clock which also displays the date and the day of the week using the same system. 

The solari lineadesign project

 “Putting the Cifra 3 back into production is an act of love for objects that transcend time, that have a story to tell and that rapresent the beauty of Italy throughout the world.”

solari lineadesign find it's starting point in Solari’s own history by putting the Cifra 3 and Dator 60 clocks back into production, as well as looking to the future with new projects which will bring Solari’s passion, experience, technology and industrial innovation to homes all over the world.

Display specifications

Digit height 50 mm

Flap height 60 mm

Readable distance

30 m

Reading angle

+/- 60°


Plastic shockproof and self estinguishing materials, transparent polycarbonate protection



Bipolar impulse receiver of 24 V every 30”/60”

Time basis

Quartz with a precision of ±3sec/month at 20°C

Power supply

By battery (with nonrechargeable alkaline batteries)


Wall and flagpole mounting (with optional kit)

Operating temperature

0°C  +40°C

IP protection degree


Relative humidity

Up to 85% without condensation


CIFRA 3 - 180x95x105mm (WxHxD)

DATOR 60 vertical - 242x330x130mm (WxHxD)

DATOR 60 horizontal - 664x114x130mm (WxHxD)

Cifra 3 - green

Cifra 3 - green

Cod. 55250386
Cifra 3 - white

Cifra 3 - white

Cod. 55250378
Cifra 3 - red

Cifra 3 - red

Cod. 55250408
Cifra 3 - black

Cifra 3 - black

Cod. 55250343
Dator 60 ho - white

Dator 60 ho - white

Cod. 55462340
Dator 60 ho - black

Dator 60 ho - black

Cod. 55462359
Dator 60 ve - white

Dator 60 ve - white

Cod. 55472273
Dator 60 ve - black

Dator 60 ve - black

Cod. 55472281

What is it

The LINEA 60 product line is made up of quartz-driven digital flap clocks with immediate legibility, capable of providing information regarding the time and date.

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