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Time in a train station

Displaying the exact time to complete arrival and departure information.

This solution deals with train stations, in which travelers need to find information to help them to identify the train on which they are to depart.


The basic device for this purpose is certainly the classic information panel on which information regarding times of arrival and departure and the location of trains (name, track, destinations, etc.) are displayed.

In this sector, broadcasting of time information is the other important, if not essential, need that must be satisfied.


Usually, the clocks requested are of various types and, in a single train station, a mix of different standard clocks can be found, characterized by analog or digital technology.


Along with these clocks, other clocks are integrated in the information displays, be they track indicators, underpass indicators or general summary displays, placed in the main hall, waiting rooms or in the areas where people frequently pass.


The clocks integrated within the displays can be analog or digital, based on a customer’s preference, but in any case they are “self setting”. In most cases, this is guaranteed by the use of NTP technology that provides a constant and precise time synchronization.


The “self setting” analog clocks are back-lit to guarantee adequate legibility in all environmental light conditions and they are characterized by the use of white LEDs.

As far as the digital clocks are concerned, a graphic LED matrix technology is used, usually white or yellow, with resolutions and size suitable to the displays in which they are integrated.


The installation is then completed by the classic Master Clock that uses a GPS antenna to provide all connected devices with consistent and precise time information.

Clocks for this solution


Case Studies

At the Strain Station a system has been installed in which the arrival and departure information panels have been expanded to include time information to be broadcasted throughout the facility.
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