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Frequently Asked Questions

OLC Second-counter

  • Is there a particular way of cleaning the OLC Second-Counter?

    Cleaning this clock is very simple: just use a soft cloth, dry or damp with normal water or specific detergents and disinfectants for maintaining the typical hygiene and sterility of an operating room.

  • What does NTP mean?

    NTP stands for Network Time Protocol. It is a protocol used for synchronizing clocks. Solari's most recent designs use this technology.

  • What does PoE mean?

    PoE is an acronym for Power over Ethernet. This technology makes it possible to use an ethernet cable as a power supply as well.

  • What are the advantages of PoE

    The advantage is that costs are reduced since it is not necessary to install electric cables to supply power to the system and since it is far more simple and quick to install the system itself. Furthermore, the low-voltage power supply makes this device much safer.

  • How is it powered?

    For the quartz-based version with independent movement, power is provided by the electric power grid and, should a power outage occur, power is provided by a backup battery that guarantees power for several months. For the synchronized version that acts as a bipolar-pulse receiver, the pulse itself provides the necessary power for the clock quadrant, while the second counter, in any case, requires power from the power grid.