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OLC Second-counter
Second-counting analog clock
  • Viewing of current time and second counter
  • Suitable for industrial and laboratory use
  • Frontal frame made of stainless steel
  • Independent or synchronized movement

OLC Second-counter

Why choose OLC Second-counter?

Excellent readability of information

Ideal for sterile environments

Classic appearance, minimalistic design

Everything under control

The two independent quadrants and their white background, one for displaying the hour and minutes of the current time by means of two black hands and the other for counting seconds by means of a red second hand and a black minute hand, allow for all information to be read easily and immediately.

Precision is important

Time precision, which is already excellent due to the precise internal clock, can be further enhanced by synchronizing the OLC 7030  with a Master Clock.

It must be kept clean

The frontal glass and stainless-steel frame, that characterize the OLC 7030 when compared to other clocks, simplify cleaning activities and therefore guarantee the hygiene and sterility required in a hospital environment.

More than just the time

L’OLC 7030 is anything but a simple clock, since thanks to its two separate quadrants it can be used as a second counter, which can be useful in certain operating conditions, as well as for displaying the time.

It is an eco-friendly clock

The OLC 7030 is characterized by a low-power consumption: it only uses power during hand movement (meaning when the hour or minute changes) unlike a luminous clock that uses power continuously. It is therefore an ecological clock and perfectly suited for today’s energy-saving requirements.

Easy to control

The second counting feature, characterized by synchronous movement, can be easily controlled thanks to an optional button panel that makes it possible to remote control the starting, stopping and resetting of the device.


Receiver of 24V bipolar pulses every 60” (receiver version)

Time basis

Quartz with precision of ±2sec/month at 20°C (independent version)

Readable distance

30 m

Reading angle

+/- 60°

Steel case with a stainless 18/10 steel frame

Frontal protective glass

Quadrant made of anticorodal

Hands made of aluminum


Wall-mounted or encased

Power supply

230V, 50Hz

Operating temperature

0°C  +50°C

IP protection degree


Relative humidity

Up to 90% without condensation


637x362x135,5mm (WxHxD) - wall

610x335x116,5mm (WxHxD) - encased



The OLC 7030 is available in two models that differ in the type of clock movement.






OLC 7030 – QZ/230V

Independent version with quartz-based movement


OLC 7030 – RIC. 24V

Version with movement based on 24V receiver

OLC 7030 – QZ/230V

OLC 7030 – QZ/230V

Cod. 55051251
Contasecondi Analog clock for operating rooms. It displays the time in one quadrant and a second-counter in the other. Independent movement based on quartz and powered by the ELECTRICAL GRID.
OLC 7030 – RIC. 24V

OLC 7030 – RIC. 24V

Cod. 55051278
Analog clock for operating rooms. It displays the time in one quadrant and a second counter in the other. This version is designed to be integrated within a PULSE SYSTEM.
United Hospitals of Bergamo A classic clock for the new operating rooms of a great hospital.
Noventa Hospital of Vicentina The OLC 7030 was chosen for the operating rooms because of its compatibility with the existing system.


What is it

The OLC 7030 is an analog second-counting clock characterized by two independent quadrants, one for displaying the current time and the other for second counting, suitable for use in operating rooms, for which it has been specifically certified, and for use in research laboratories, chemical industries and wherever time must be measured with absolute precision.

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