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Istanbul Metro

Underground for the Kadıköy - Kartal line


To provide the 15 different stations with synchronized time information and to implement the reception of the movement signal using the RS485 line, as well as to blend the clocks within the existing environment


A Master Clock located at the Control Center, along with a GPS antenna for synchronizing time, supports 15 other Master Clocks located at the various stations and also synchronized by GPS. Time is broadcasted thanks to about 100 two-sided and one-sided analog clocks.

  • Precise time synchronization
  • Respect of design criteria
  • Customized system
  • Network redundancy
Case Study Istanbul Metro

In the context of the Istanbul underground subway that connects the two cities of Kadıköy and Kartal, Solari di Udine has created an interesting solution for broadcasting of time information.


There are 15 different stations along the route, each managed by a Control Center were a Master Clock with a GPS antenna for synchronizing time is installed.


Each station has an analog Master Clock, also equipped with a GPS antenna for synchronizing time, along with a series of OLC clocks, for a total of over 100 clocks, mostly two-sided and a few one-sided.


The OLC clocks, based on a specific request of the customer, have been customized to receive the movement signal on the RS485 line. Another modification was also applied to the clock housing: instead of the classic white color, the provided clocks have a black housing, again, at the customer’s request.


The specificity of the system, built on the basis of the functional design requested by the customer, is further characterized by the high level of network redundancy provided by the system. The Ethernet connectivity existent between the Control Center and the peripheral stations guarantees perfect synchronization of all devices by means of the Master Clock installed in the main control center. However, the installation of local Master Clocks, also equipped with GPS antennas, in each of the stations guarantees continued and precise local time synchronization, even in the absence of connectivity with the Control Center.


The system designed for the Kadıköy - Kartal underground subway line is another example in which Solari’s ability to design and create complex, redundant and highly customized systems for its customers has allowed it to satisfy specific needs based on each customer’s particular requests.


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