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Insurance Company

How to have certified control over the issuing of a policy


To have a certain control of the date and time policies are issued by any of its various agencies across the country - Policies are made up of paper forms, that may even have different formats, that are issued in multiple copies (up to five different copies) produced by a copy system using chemical paper - To apply, besides the date and time, the agency identification during the stamping phase, so that it is possible to know where the policy was issued - To ensure that the date and time cannot be modified, and guarantee that it is therefore a “secure” piece of information - To make it possible to issue and stamp a policy even in the absence of electricity


To meet these requirements, a document stamping device has been deployed, powered by electricity as well as by battery and therefore capable of guaranteeing continuity of service. Each agency uses an independent document stamping clock.

  • Precision and certainty of time information
  • Simple to use
  • Works even in the absence of electricity
  • Physical access to the device is blocked by a security lock
Case Study Insurance Company

This particular customer has been using Solari di Udine products for the last 30 years, and has therefore followed their technological evolution: first it used our mechanical time clocks, then it moved on to the electric-mechanical devices and finally it uses our most recent electronic products.


The objective has always been to stamp the date and time in which a policy is issued with certainty and without possibility of alteration.


The first aspect that should be underscored is that to stamp up to five copies simultaneously, a dotmatrix printer of suitable strength is necessary to guarantee that even the last copy is legible.

To make it easier to position the various forms, a simple and immediate guide system must be used: stamping is by deliberate design not automatic, but only occurs when a specific command is executed after a button is pressed.

Another important characteristic of the document stamping device (TEMPOR) is that, on the back of the device, a standard lead-based security system is installed to impede any tampering of the device’s data.


During installation, fixed stamp information was programmed, including a progressive number and agency ID, so that the end-user need not do anything else to prepare the device for actual stamping.

Furthermore, again during installation, the correct date and time were manually set for the device.


The various agencies are therefore independent when it comes issuing policies. They have no need of dealing with maintenance or configuration of the device, and consistency and correctness of information is guaranteed across all branches.


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