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Telling time in a hospital

Keeping track of time for planned duties. Being punctual for patients.

Time is essential even in the health sector.


In a hospital, the needs are many: people who come to the hospital for appointments must be there on time, visitors who come to see patients admitted to the hospital may only stay during certain visiting hours, personnel must perform certain duties at certain times, those who work in the operating room, an environment in which time is essential, down to the second, must constantly monitor the passage of time with precision.


For all of these, it is possible to find a suitable solution through the use of products made by Solari in the field of clocks.


Along the halls, in the waiting rooms or in strategic points where people pass it is possible to install clocks which can be chosen among the various available models, based on their characteristics and the design requirements of the environments in which they must be installed: analog hand clocks (OLC), flap clocks (LINEA 60) or the more elegant luminous clocks(CDL or MOSAICO).


Other clocks can be installed in offices for hospital personnel, perhaps showing additional information (the date as well as the hours and minutes).


Specific clocks have been designed for operating rooms, capable not only of showing the time but also of functioning as a second counter and of displaying the level of humidity and temperature of the environment in which they are installed.


All of these different devices can also be synchronized using a central Master Clock, so as to provide consistent and precise information.


The potentially different needs that the various parties that work in same environment may have in terms of time information can be easily solved by Solari’s products, which can be integrated together into a single “clock system” and not just a “group of many clocks”.

Clocks for this solution

solari lineadesign
CDL Second-counter
OLC Second-counter

Case Studies

Solari di Udine has provided the new Santorso health facility, but not only, with NTP clocks for the operating rooms.
Solari di Udine has expanded the pre-existing clock system within the Hospital of Noventa Vicentina, by adding clocks to the operating rooms.
The new Bergamo hospital facility has been suited with several clocks and with an entire system for managing the flow of users and attendance.
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