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Multifunction LED display for indoor use
  • Synchronization via Ethernet with NTP protocol, by GPS or independent
  • Power supply by means of PoE Plus technology
  • Integrated Web server
  • Date and time displayed in different formats
  • Second counter, countdown and event counter features
  • Automatically regulates light intensity


Why choose DOMINO?

Viewing of static or sliding text

Simultaneous viewing of the date and time

Viewing of environmental information (temperature, humidity)

Precision is important

The accuracy of time information, already optimized thanks to a precise internal clock, can be further increased by synchronizing MOSAICOsei by GPS, or by means of a Master Clock using the NTP protocol.

Technology helps

Domino represents the ideal solution for viewing the date and time as well as environmental conditions and user customizable messages thanks to its LED display, with the LEDs placed upon a high-contrast background, to the automatic light intensity adjustment based on ambient light, and finally thanks to the high-contrast front protection panel.

A solution for all information

The Domino display represents the best solution for those situations in which time information must be integrated with dynamic messages and diversified information must be presented. They are perfect for use in Government Offices, as well as in offices in Schools, Hospitals, Sports Installations, Industrial Installations, Businesses, Airports, Train Stations, as well as in public or private buildings, near teller windows, conference rooms, passage areas and in all those environments that require a clock with the following characteristics:

-        durability

-        simplicity

-        flexibility


A clock that believes itself to be a display

Besides functioning as a typical clock, Domino can also display text in various ways: static text can be substituted with sliding text, and alternation, transition and flashing effects can also be applied to highlight the broadcasted message.

Information can be displayed on a single or double line, or alternated, with the possibility to choose between different fonts.


A display that counts

Not only does Domino display the date and time. It can also function as a second counter, as well as countdown or function as an event counter, using different formats, and with the possibility of activating alerts, by means of an acoustic or light signal, in certain situations: such as when the countdown reaches zero.

When Domino is configured as an event counter and is connected to a photosensor, it becomes a simple person counter: this is another possible way of using this clock.


It sure is hot today...

Domino is perfect because of its completeness and because of the amount of information that it can display. Besides the date and time, Domino is capable of displaying information about environmental conditions: data regarding the temperature and humidity, measured with precision, can be obtained by means of an optional external sensor.

An integrated web server for everything you need

The integrated Web server, available by Ethernet, makes it possible to configure, monitor and control the clocks various functions.

Microprocessor RISC 32 bit (ARM)
Display specifications Matrix of 15x56 yellow LEDs, pitch 7.62 mm
Brightness 450 cd/m2
Readable distance 20 m
Ethernet Interface 10/100 Mbps
Communication protocols NTP/SNTP, HTTP, TCP/IP, DHCP, ICMP, TIME, DAYTIME
Internal clock precision +/-2ppm without synchronization
Housing Black coated metal and front protection in methacrylatec PMMA
Installation Wall, ceiling (with optional kit) and flagpole mounting (with optional kit)
Power supply PoE Plus +48VDC
Operating temperature 0°C  +40°C
IP protection degree IP30
Relative humidity Up to 85% without condensation
Size 512x183x91mm (WxHxD)
Weight 4.2Kg


DOMINO NTP is available in the following versions:



Display Color









Cod. 55220010
Luminous clock for indoor use, yellow LED display, shows date and time (hour and minutes) simultaneously or alternating. It can be customized with fixed or sliding text and is ideal for presenting multiple contents pragmatically and effectively.


Cod. 55220037
Luminous clock for indoor use, blue LED display, shows date and time (hour and minutes) simultaneously or alternating. It can be customized with fixed or sliding text and is ideal for presenting multiple contents pragmatically and effectively.
Riyadh Metro The train warehouse for the University underground is equipped with four different Domino clocks for displaying the time.

In the Control Center, a control room has been set up using a synoptic diagram provided by the customer, with which the entire system is monitored. For this purpose, several operators in the room, each with a specific task, verify the correct and continued functioning of the entire transportation system throughout the line.

To this end, time is obviously a vital factor. The monitoring duties are therefore supported by the presence of 4 Domino NTPs that display the date and time.

The Domino clocks are distributed along the length of the synoptic diagram itself, and are synchronized by means of the local Master Clock.



What is it

DOMINO NTP is a high intensity, amber colored, LED matrix display that is ideal for indoor use. The simple installation, thanks to PoE technology, coupled with excellent legibility of the displayed information, make it easy to employ, even as a substitute for traditional clock systems.

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