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From standalone clocks to an industrial clock system


Historically speaking, Solari's products have always dealt with time information, starting with the first analog clocks up to the modern industrial clocks systems designed and installed within companies, public agencies and in environments of various types and sizes.


The field of industrial clocks began with the traditional analog flap or hand clock, but as technology has changed clocks have evolved as well, up to the development of lit digital clocks.


This field has been further innovated thanks to modern installations in which devices are piloted and synchronized by a central system, where a master clock manages an entire network of devices and therefore guarantees uniform information throughout the system.


Technological progress is therefore made transition possible from a " system of clocks", in which each device operates autonomously, to a "clock system”, in which the control of all devices is singular and centralized: this has been made possible by new technology in terms of device connectivity, synchronization and power supply.


Furthermore, in the past, time was synchronized using different methods, such as single-pole pulses, bipolar pulses, IRIG, RS485.

The evolution of technology has made it possible to use a single solution by means of the NTP protocol, which is an international standard and offers doubtless benefits in terms of designing and deploying a system.


Since its invention, a clock has been an object to be found in any place, and besides being informative, it is also an object of decor and must therefore be integrated harmoniously within its environment: Solari has always taken great care in designing its products so that they may easily be inserted within any kind of environment.


Another aspect that characterizes Solari's products is the development of special projects in which, beginning with a standard product, the product is then customized in way the client may require, from  the design to the product’s features, to meet the client’s needs.

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