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Clock system solutions

Expansion of a traditional clock system

Installing new clocks within a pre-existing system

The situation that we wish to describe can present itself with any “historical” customer of Solari di Udine that already has a traditional clock system within its company, made up of pulse driven Slave Clocks, such as the DATOR or OLC, synchronized by a Master Clock, and that has the need of installing new clocks. In this situation, the customer’s objectives are:


  • Maintaining the current clock system installed without having to substitute the clocks already present
  • Adding new clocks that are more technologically advanced
  • Taking advantage of the newer characteristics and potential offered by the innovative technology to minimize installation costs of the new devices, especially in terms of work to be done on the existing infrastructure.


Solari di Udine’s proposal is able to satisfy all of these requirements.


The first aspect deals with the so-called Master Clock, for which Solari has several solutions: l’MCK 2290/NTP WALL, l’MCK 2290/NTP DESK, l’MCK 2290/NTP RACK e l’MCK 2290/NTP EXP capable of handling 1 line for the first three models or 4 lines for the EXP model, and should therefore be chosen based on the size of the system to be managed.


The main consideration is that, obviously, the NTP Master Clock can be used for synchronizing the new clocks offered by Solari di Udine, which are based on the NTP protocol, but it can also be connected to pulse driven clocks and therefore completely substitute the older master clock previously present within the existing system.

This is particularly true for the EXP model that, thanks to its characteristics, can be considered a “Bridge” product that merges the old with the new while still preserving previous investments, but without being forced to exclude newer technologies.


In this scenario, the customer can have a single integrated system for handling all time information within the company. This system will be perfectly synchronized and can be further expanded or updated even for the pulse driven devices, at any time.


The advantages of this solution can be summarized as follows:


  • The possibility of using structured cabling that is not specific to the clocks. This makes the installation phase more simple and cost-effective.
  • The use of Ethernet connectivity for transmitting information necessary for synchronizing time as well as for powering the NTP clocks. This takes advantage of PoE technology integrated within modern clocks as well as reduces the costs and time necessary for installation
  • The automatic assigning of IP addresses to the new devices thanks to the specific feature available with the NTP Master Clock. This ability reduces the number of actions necessary during the installation phase and therefore the amount of time required for deployment of the system.


Solari di Udine’s flexibility in creating custom solutions allows our customers to reduce the investments required for expanding and updating their existing time system installations.

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