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Time in an airport terminal

Displaying the exact time to complete arrival and departure information.

This solution deals with airports, where travelers need to find information to help them to identify exactly where to go to reach their boarding area.


The basic device for this purpose is certainly the classic information panel on which information regarding times of arrival and departure and the coordinates of the airlines (name, gate, destinations, etc.) are displayed.

In this sector, broadcasting of time information is the other important, if not essential, need that must be satisfied.


In an airport environment, it is essential that time be communicated to users, be they passengers as well as staff members, in a manner consistent with the arrivals and departures information systems.

In most cases, time information is integrated within the information displays dealing with arrivals and departures, such as the summary displays in waiting rooms or along the route to the boarding areas.

But there may also be standalone clocks installed, for example, in parking areas, food service areas or where there are no other information displays.


In some areas the aesthetic design of the clock is given greater priority and this can be particularly important in the airline frequent flyer areas or in the VIP lounge. In other areas, such as the baggage pickup area, durability and practicality of clocks are given greater importance. In any case, the most important aspect is a clock’ s precision that can be provided by its quartz movement or even better by a Master Clock synchronized by NTP or GPS.


In general, in any large structure, which is typically the case of an airport, it may be necessary for hundreds of clocks to be placed in various points of the airport: waiting rooms, check-in areas, baggage checking areas, bars, restaurants, parking areas, corridors, halls are all areas in which the use of clocks should be considered an important piece of information to be offered to end-users.


A fundamental aspect of this solution is the fact that all the different clocks must absolutely display the exact same time and that any malfunctions be immediately reported to the unit that manages the time system.


The NTP clocks are an interesting possibility in these environments in which Ethernet network infrastructures as well as the PoE (Power over Ethernet) are consolidated characteristics widely used for other services (telephones, video surveillance, Wi-Fi, etc.).


Solari’s NTP clocks can be integrated in an airport environment in a rapid, simple and effective way without neglecting the design and legibility of the information displayed: all characteristics that greatly qualify our solution.

Clocks for this solution


Case Studies

The recently built airport has been equipped with information panels, complete with clocks, that are distributed throughout the various public areas.
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