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Document stamping time clock
  • Functions in stand-alone or receiving the mode
  • Programmable by keypad or web interface
  • Stamps date and time in different formats
  • Automatic change to daylight savings time, pre-programmable
  • Handles multiple lines (semiautomatic)
  • Prints right side up and upside down
  • Mechanical lock (seal) for modifying configuration parameters


Why choose TEMPOR?

Customizable brand and logo

Multilanguage support

Highly precise thanks to quartz-based movement

An answer for everyone

The areas where this device can be used are many since it is a tool that stamps date and time information with speed and precision upon any type of certificate or document: transportation documents, insurance and car rental policies, bills of work are just a few examples in which this product can be applied.

Not just a simple stamp

TEMPOR 3120/ETH is capable of stamping different types of information. Besides the date and time in different formats, it can also number a sequence of events using a specific counter (with four or six digits), as well as be customized to also stamp the logo and company brand .

TemporWeb: what it is

TemporWeb is a web-based software application resident on TEMPOR, which is designed for configuring the device itself. It offers considerable advantages in terms of ease of use and reduced maintenance.

Microprocessor RISC 32 bit (ARM)

Display specifications

Back lit LCD, alphanumeric characters displayed on two lines, 20 characters each, indicates date and time, state of power supply, counter

Ethernet Interface

10/100 Mbps

1 USB 1.2 port


Electric stamp with manual command

Multiple stamping of up to five sheets of chemical paper (maximum thickness of 1 mm)

Maximum document thickness of 10 mm (printing on first page)

Time basis

Quartz with precision of ±3sec/month at 20°C


Dotmatrix (9)


Table mount

Power supply

230V, 50Hz

Maximum absorption


Operating time of clock

>60 days (in absence of power and with battery connected)

Operating time of printer

24 hours or 500 stamps

Working temperature

0°C  +45°C

IP protection degree


Relative humidity

Up to 90% without condensation


240x390x160mm (WxHxD)



TEMPOR 3120/ETH is available in the following versions:







Multi copy document stamping



Cod. 55850987
Document-stamping, quartz timeclock, with mechanically blocked parameters. Ideal when the date and time of documents must be certified with maximum precision.
National Insurance Company The document stamping time clock used for certifying time information printed on policies.

An insurance company with branches throughout the country, with the need of stamping the date and time with certainty on signed policies, of issuing multiple copies of documents, with the agency name included, and with the need to guarantee continued service even when power outages occur, has found an answer in our TEMPOR, which is installed as an independent time clock.



What is it

TEMPOR 3120/ETH is a document-stamping time clock that is useful when the need arises to certify with precision the time of certain events.

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