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Card-printing Time clock
  • Programmable
  • Time management on a 12 or 24 hour basis
  • Single/two color printing
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • Robust design


Why choose MEMOR?

Easy to use and install

Ideal for medium/small organizations

Simple and minimalistic design

The first step towards automation

MEMOR 3815can be used for recording the entering and exiting of company employees. It is a card printing time clock, a tool that is today still very effective within medium/small companies. TIMP represents the first step from manual registration of employee attendance towards more innovative technologies.

A bit of flexibility is necessary

MEMOR 3815 allows one to choose between different functioning modes: whether to operate on a 12 or 24 hour basis, the recording of minutes, in a sexagesimal format, and the day of the week (1/7), the recording of transactions on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis, according to the type of card being used.

… and furthermore…

The change to daylight saving time can be preprogrammed to simplify management of the device. The 3815/1 models are capable of printing with two colors (red/black) which can be programmed with four alternations per day between the two colors. The device can be configured using the keypad: in this case an automatic consistency check of the data is performed.

Display specifications

LCD, displays the day of the month, of the week, the time with hour and minutes, as well as the position of the printer in the functioning state of the clock


Steel with aluminum case


Electric printing with proper insertion and positioning of card

Time basis

Quartz with a precision of ±3sec/mese at 20°C


7 dots/bidirectional/7x5 matrix

Programming keypad

With automatic data consistency check



Power supply

230V, 50Hz

Operating time of printer

7 days without printing

Operating time of internal clock

24 hours or 500 prints

Working temperature

0°C  +50°C

Relative humidity

Up to 85% without condensation


170x400x150mm (WxHxD)



MEMOR 3815 is available in two different models:

  • clock with horizontal positioning of the printer, automatic, with two color printing (3815/1 version)
  • clock with horizontal positioning of the printer, semiautomatic, manually controlled by user with keypad, single color printing (3815/3 version)


MEMOR 3815 is available in the following versions:





MEMOR 3815/1

Version with automatic positioning and two color printing


MEMOR 3815/3

Version with semi automatic positioning and single color printing

MEMOR 3815/1

MEMOR 3815/1

Cod. 55503454
Timeclock, activated automatically, with two color printing. Ideal for programming different time frames of the day, each with a different color.
MEMOR 3815/3

MEMOR 3815/3

Cod. 55503799
Time clock, activated semiautomatically, with single color printing. Ideal for avoiding accidental activations, since it requires manual confirmation of each timestamp.


What is it

MEMOR 3815 is a time clock that prints on cards and is programmable. Therefore, it is easily adapted to any needs.

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