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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can the Domino be integrated in the living space of a 1978 building?

    Considering the tendency of designers and architects to use a 70s style in their decors, nothing could be more perfect than this product.


    With its slim design, sober curves and clear legibility in any situation, the Domino, besides being a wall clock-calendar with a luminous display, is also an intriguing element of decor as well, blending in with most styles with discretion and simplicity


  • I want to install a DOMINO in a room that only provides electrical current and where an Ethernet network is not available. Can the clock only be powered by PoE?

    In the absence of Ethernet connectivity it is still to possible use this clock: a PoE Power Supply Kit is available that makes it possible to connect the clock to a classic 230Vac outlet.

  • How do I set the text to be displayed on the DOMINO?

    Configuring Domino's text and parameters can be easily done through the use of a common browser by accessing the functions available through the integrated Web server.

  • What is the maximum length of text displayed on DOMINO?

    Text can be up to 300 characters long.

  • Can I use DOMINO only as a clock for viewing the current time?

    Certainly. Viewing the current time represents the basic function of this clock.

  • Can I use DOMINO only for viewing sliding text?

    By using the integrated web server it is possible to determine which features are to be enabled on DOMINO: it is therefore possible to enable even a single feature, such as simply viewing sliding text.

  • Can I install the DOMINO outdoors, perhaps in a covered area such as under an overhang?

    DOMINO is typically an indoor clock. However, it may also be installed outdoors if it is placed in an area sheltered from weather events and in an environment capable of guaranteeing working conditions within the limits of its specifications, in terms of temperature and humidity.

  • Can the information be viewed only in Italian?

    Domino has multiple languages available. Besides Italian, the following are available: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, ladin, as well as a user customizable language.

  • What does NTP mean?

    NTP stands for Network Time Protocol. It is a protocol used for synchronizing clocks. Solari's most recent designs use this technology.

  • What does PoE mean?

    PoE is an acronym for Power over Ethernet. This technology makes it possible to use an ethernet cable as a power supply as well.

  • What are the advantages of PoE?

    The advantage is that costs are reduced since it is not necessary to install electric cables to supply power to the system and since it is far more simple and quick to install the system itself. Furthermore, the low-voltage power supply makes this device much safer.

  • I have a dated clock system that I don't want to change. I need some clocks to install in new rooms. Can I keep the old clocks and purchase only clocks for the new rooms?

    Yes, our newly designed clocks that use the NTP protocol can coexist with pre-existing clocks. There are several master clocks that based on the model are capable of managing one or more impulse lines, so as to synchronize traditional clocks as well as NTP clocks.

  • Why should I install a clock in an office?

    A clock adds to the decor of an office making it a more welcoming and comfortable working environment.

  • Is maintenance necessarily performed directly on the device?

    Not necessarily. Our recently designed devices have an integrated Web server, and therefore configuration and synchronization can be performed remotely, by means of a simple browser. This feature greatly simplifies and speeds up maintenance, especially when the clock' s location is not always easily reached.